Recioto “La Rosta”

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Classification:Sweet red wine  reciotoLaRosta
Grapes:Corvina 50%, Rondinella 40%, other 10%.
Wine-making process:Recioto has an ancient tradition in Verona, made by the vinification of selected bunches. Its name derives from “recie”, i.e. the upper part of a bunch that once was chosen for the production of this wine. After the harvest, the grapes are laid to dry for at least 4 months, losing 40% of their weight. The fermentation temperature ranges from 18° to 22° C. The wine is then refined in small barrels for at least months. This wine is the result of top-quality grapes and can be produced only in the best vintages.
Analytical data:Alcohol content 13,00 %; total acidity 6,00 g/l
Conservation:If stored at uniform temperature of 14-15° C, laid and away from light sources, the wine maintains its characteristics unaltered for 10 years.
Organoleptic assessment:The wine has a complex structure, purple colour, characteristic perfume with a velvety and harmonic taste.
Serving method:Serve at temperature of 16-17° C and uncork the bottle at least one hour before serving.
Food:Recommended with dry cakes or biscuits (sbrisolona, cantucci or zaletti – typical regional products) and with bitter chocolate. Another remarkable combination, even if of different nature, is to serve it with blue-veined cheese, strong cheese, as well as the Italian “mostarda” (sweet and spicy fruit pickles).


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