Amarone “La Rosta”

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Loc. Valgatara (VR)
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Classification:Dry red wine  amaroneLaRosta
Grapes:Corvina 50%, Rondinella 40%, other 10%.
Wine-making process:Amarone is a noble wine produced with the best bunches hand picked and then laid flat in special wooden boxes for a 3/4-month drying process. Thanks to this method, the grapes increase their sugar concentration by 25-30%. In January the grapes are crushed and then the fermentation starts. After 25-30 days the must is transferred into stainless steel tanks. Once the malolactic fermentation is completed, the wine matures in barriques (special barrels) for 24-36 months and then refined in bottles for some months. This wine is the result of top-quality grapes and can be produced only in the best vintages.
Analytical data:Alcohol content 15,50 %; total acidity 5,90 g/l
Conservation:If stored at uniform temperature of 14-15° C, laid and away from light sources, the wine maintains its characteristics unaltered for 15-18 years.
Organoleptic assessment:Intense garnet red in colour, this wine is rich, full bodied and firm. Its perfume is clear and fresh, its taste is velvety and lingering. Well structured and beautifully balanced with soft tannins and a hint of chocolate and vanilla.
Serving method:Serve at temperature of 18-19° C and pour in very wide glasses.

Uncork the bottle at least two hours before serving.

Food:Recommended with red meat, game, grilled-meat, braised meat and seasoned cheese as well as at the end of a meal, as meditation wine.


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